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William  "Bill" Gipson

I live in Conroe, Texas north of Houston.  My wife (new) Lynell and I work at ConocoPhillips in Houston where I've been employed since finishing at McNeese in 1974.  My 3 daughters are "grown and gone" and now its just us.  Golf and flying take our time.  I'm currently building a kit airplane and will be flying this fall.  We plan to tour the country, go to fly-ins and play golf.

Staff Engineer
Upstream Technology
IEPM - Project Services


4 Timber Lane, Conroe, Texas 77384
Conroe, TX

Last updated 04-09-07


Updated 08-04-09    Retired from ConocoPhillips in September, 2008   Finished building a 4-place kit airplane in February Plan to tour the country in our new flying machine.  Looking for a new retirement address once Lynell retires.  Playing golf, traveling, and tinkering with the airplane keeps me busy.  3 daughters and 4 grandchildren making it interesting.  I have fond memories of the great LaGrange teams, the great athletes, excellent coaches and now friends who I look forward to seeing at the reunion.