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Now Photo Billy Lee Chapman
July 11, 2007

I graduated from McNeese in 1976, and later went to LSU, which was great because I am originally from Baton Rouge. Moved to Los Angeles, CA in 1986, and I have lived here ever since. I now have my own business, and I live on a boat in Marina del Rey, which is just outside of LA (Next to Venice and Santa Monica.) I love California, but I get down to Louisiana (and Texas) frequently. I really love going home, and I always will. I would love to go back to LSU and finish my second degree. Probably will someday. I think about my old school days sometimes, and would love to be in touch with some of the people that shared that time in my life.

No Picture Billy Lee Chapman

Been promoted steadily in sales since graduating from McNeese.  Moved first to Texas, then to California.  Life in California has been tremendously rewarding and exciting.  Presently live by the ocean and travel a lot with my wife who works for the airlines.

4201 Via Marina #261
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

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