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Charles David Thompson
Updated 04-13-07

After a long career with Boots & Coots and in the latter years part owner we sold the company and I move over to Wild Well Control. After a couple of miserable years I went to work for Cudd Well Control. Still with CWC I am Division Manager. I have been married to Kim for 20 years. Kim is a realtor here in Houston. I have two boys (Charly and Luke. Charly works for a trucking firm and is going to college in Houston. Luke will be a senior at Cy Creek High School and is an awesome football player. Luke will graduate next year and head off to Baylor. Other than that everything is good. Everyday is Christmas and Saturday is New Years Eve. I couldn’t fine a group picture. Things we like to do is riding around in my corvette and watching Luke play football.

6000 Hollister # 407
Houston, TX 77040

Kim & Luke (Mother and Son)
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Big fire in Turkmenistan
This is a job I just finished in Turkmenistan
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Updated from 20th Reunion
Married with two boys, 6 years and 3 months.  Living in Houston since 1981.  Work for Boots & Coots.  Put out oil well fires.
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