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Debbie Sonnier
Picture from 30th reunion
Debra Louise "Debby" Sonier
(Mike Parker)

1972 married Mike Parker (THE BIG FIBBER – see his biography).  Have 3 children – Mura (15), Amanda (13), and Jacob (10).  Worked in banking 10 years.  Currently managing a law firm.  Have lived in Groves, TX, 12 years.  Do some civic and church work.  Play a little softball.



1835 Llano Street
Port Neches, TX  77651
409 729 6913

Last updated from 07-24-09

Financial Advisor for Edward Jones for 16 years and love my work.  Mike and I spend as much time as we can with our grandchildren and children.  Too out of shape for much physical activity but enjoy gardening.  In October, Mike and I will have been married 37 years.  His mom thought we were too young and would not make it!  Children: Maura 34, Amanda  32, Jacob  29.  Grandchildren: Blake 6;   Ryan 4;  Parker 3;  Alison 1.  What I remember most about LaGrange High School... I remember early morning pep rallies in the courtyard.  Brenda DeReouen and I hiding in the back room of Mr. Jones’ biology class during study hall and being caught by Mr. Mims.  Was fortunate to have some very good friends who have been lifelong buddies like Susan McFillen.  My old, second-hand Corvair.  Before the Loop, walking to Brousse’s for hamburgers at lunch time.  I could go on forever as those were very happy days for me.  Oh yes, and there’s my greatest “for better or worse” buddy,  Mike.
Webmaster comment:  Are you trying to tell us he was not TOP GUN...or that he wasn't a diamond distributor...or he doesn't work for DuPont...what is it he actually does? How much did he stretch the truth...are you at liberty to say?