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Debra Merle Grindol Debra Merle Grindol
(Bobby Thompson)

Upon graduation in '70, I married my high school sweetheart, Craig Barker.  We had two daughters, Jodi born in '72, and Amie born in '74.  Craig was drafted in '72, and we subsequently lived in many different cities throughout the US.  In '74 we returned to Louisiana to live.  Craig and I were divorced in 1975.

I started working with my father in the family business in '75 which is how I met my current husband, Bobby Thompson.  Bobby Jack and I were married in May of 1978.  We soon after moved to Petersburg, TN, where BJ taught school, and I opened a stamp & sign shop.  In February of the following year, my third daughter, Linda Carol, was born.  We lived on a 150 acre farm where we raised registered Tennessee Walking Horses and Registered Spotted Saddle Horses.

In the winter of 1980, we returned to Louisiana at which time I went back to work for my father, and BJ continued teaching.  Through the years, BJ has taught at many different Junior High and High Schools in this area.  He is currently teaching at my alma mater, "LaGrange High School".

I am currently the owner/operator of Central Stamp & Sign Company in lake Charles.  In my spare time, I enjoy breeding and Muscular Dystrophy and Special Olympics.  We reside in Woodlawn, and my children attend Lacassine High School.  I look forward to seeing everyone at the reunion and am sure it will be fun for all who attend.

Route 1 Box 626
Iowa, LA 70647