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Picture from 2000 30th reunion
Delores Ann "Dee" Fruge
(Andy Davis)


Since I graduated, I worked for ten years for a real estate, insurance, and construction company.  After the birth of my son, not long after our ten year reunion, i "retired" for approximately two years.  In August of 1983, I was hired by the then Judge, Woody Thompson, as the Deputy Clerk handling civil suits in the City court, which is the position I presently hold.  My present boss is Steven Broussard who has been Judge for the past six years.  he is presently running for reelection, so my summer months this year should be very busy.

I am still married to Andy Davis of Sulphur, and we have two children, Andrea who is 11 1/2 and Robert who is 9 1/2.  Andy is a supervisor of a construction crew ant a local plant.  Andrea attends LeBlanc Middle School, and Robert attends D.S. Perkins Elementary.

705 Lynwood Avenue
Sulphur, LA 70663


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