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Elaina Claibourn Snow
(Austin Snow)

 I got married in 2003.  My husband, Austin Snow, and I have lived in San Antonio, Texas since 2004.  I work for Valero Energy Corporation as Manager of Procurement Administration / Refinery Relations.   My husband is in upstream operations and offshore production, currently in the Gulf of Mexico, but will be working offshore the West African coast (Angola) later this year.   My son, John, moved to San Antonio as well in 2007 and does project work for a major international construction company.   We love living in San Antonio and really enjoy entertaining our friends by sharing the tastes and sounds of Louisiana food and music with them.  We both love to cook, so our dinner parties are quite popular!   I still keep in contact with my closest friends from LG and LC, and I look forward to see everyone at our next Reunion!
San Antonio, TX

Last updated 08-11-08

I have kept up with the wonderful webpage that you created for us and wanted to congratulate you on your work and for all your efforts!

We had such a special class and there are so many great folks from our era.  Itís such a good idea to have this mechanism for communication.   I hope that when itís time for our, wow, I canít even fathom it, but our 40th Reunion, hopefully, we wonít have a hurricane interrupt the party plans this time!   I think Lottie is up to the task to head it up too!  At least I nominate her to do it!

 I noticed that my name isnít included on the website, so I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to provide the latest blog of my life to include on the site.  Iíve attached a photo of my husband and I to include with my updated bio: