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Imogene Baker Imogene McCall Baker Konvalinka
(John Konvalinka)

Graduated from LSU December 1973.  University of Tennessee Graduate School December 1975.  married June 1976.  Worked at several centers as a Speech Pathologist.  Mother of Patrick, 11, Katie, 8 and Lawson, 6.

(423) 886-3251
39 Carriage Hill Lane
Signal Mountain, TN 37377

Last updated from 20th Reunion

04-30-06 Update: All my info from 1990 is still correct--same address, phone, etc.  I have one extra child since 1990, however.  I have three that are out of college--Patrick,27, Katie,24, Lawson,22.  Then we have Virginia who is 15.  I am still married to John who is an attorney here in Chattanooga and I am working part time doing speech and language testing for the schools. That's about it--nothing too exciting to report but we are all doing well.