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Jan Hodges Jan Hodges
(Terry Tabor)

I have been married to a USAF officer for 18 years.  Terry will officially retire on 1 July after 20 years of service.  Over the years, his tours of duty have taken us from Texas to Thailand to Florida to Germany and finally to Northern Virginia where we presently reside.

We have three sons: Brad - 13 1/2, Travis - 10, and Cary - 8.  They keep us running from Scouts to Little League Baseball constantly.

I work outside our home as a medical receptionist for two busy General Dentists.  Because all our boys are in Scouts, I've spent 3 years as a Den Leader; however, this year I finally get to be the one who drives them somewhere else!

This coming summer will be one of many changes for us, most of which are still unknown even as I write this.  Hopefully by reunion time we will require a move.  He's applying now with several airlines as a pilot so only time will tell!

Our hobbies include water skiing and boating during the summer, and we always love to work in a week of snow skiing during the winter.

We've spent the past five years in the suburbs of Washington, DC, and although the big city has a lot to offer, we have grown weary of "life-in-the-fast-lane"!

My father just recently died of a sudden heart attack in February, and my mother is living in Lago Vista, TX.  Jill, my sister, is married and lives in Georgetown, TX, about thirty miles from my mom.  As I leave the reunion, I will be flying there for a week-long visit before returning to Washington.

I don't know about all of you, but I've really enjoyed looking at my yearbooks over the past few weeks, and I'm so anxious to see everyone again at the reunion.

7758 Gamid Drive
Springfield, VA 22153

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