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Me now on my  horse at my farm...relaxing.
Johnny Dwayne Cooley

After graduation at LaGrange 1970, I was employed by CITGO Refinery until 1982.  Then began selling Real Estate and performing land appraisals; became a Notary Public in 1987.  Presently I am employed as a Safety Consultant working in Virginia.  To my enjoyment there is a lot of traveling with my job.  I love my work. 

I live on a farm in Iowa, east of Lake Charles and raise good ranch horses, raise fish in two stocked ponds, grow roses and enjoy gardening. 

I married Della Arnold in 1969 and we had a daughter Kerrie.  1982 I married Delanie and had a second daughter Ariel in 1991.  I married Lottie Rice in 2000 and was divorced 12-07-05.

I remarried... Ariel and Delanie are living with me on the farm raising good horses and beautiful flowers.  I plant 40 acres of millet each year and have an annual dove hunt on the farm.

I love my family and friends most of all.  I relax on my John Deere tractor or in the saddle on one of my horses.

At 18


PO Box 2126
Iowa, LA 70647

Last updated 07-23-14

Update: 06-24-06 "... 1st colt"

Please change the number of acreage in my bio from 60 to 140 acres. My brothers and I purchased the 80 acres east of me. The hay ride at the next reunion will be longer. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Webmaster's noteThe reason I created this webpage was because of Johnny Cooley.  He wanted me to do this very much so.  Along with several of his close friends, they kept insisting that I create a webpage for our class; "just do it" I I did.  Little did he know that I had wanted to do this very thing for a long time (anyway).  I knew some of you briefly in my short time at LaGrange and even less over the years.  When we began having the class reunions and stirring the email pot, I started to realize I was associated with some very special people.  Johnny may be a football player, dancer, cowboy or real estate agent to some but he has become a person I call "friend".  He invited us into his home for the 36th reunion and hosted a wonderful Cochon de Lait Although we didn't have the best weather (it wasn't that bad) we had the best intentions.