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Judy (McFall), Dellinger
My married name is Judy Dellinger, I married Rick Dellinger in 1977. We have one daughter Shanda who is 30 years old ,and expecting our first grandchild .They have said it is a little girl due in June.   I now live in Richmond VA.  My husband Rick is a  State Capitol Police.  He has been there 20 years .

I haven't kept up with a lot of my friends from high school like I should have.  My friend Charlotte Newell (Allured ) is in Munising Michigan .We have reconnected and are now talking regularly.  I am looking for another friend of mine, Nitsa Petrou.  The last I talked to her over twenty years ago she was in Chicago.  I was wondering if you by chance have heard from her.   I was hoping you would have her address I really would like to talk to her again.

Richmond, Virginia

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