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Karen Stelly Karen Ann Stelly
(Robert Roger)

The years have gone by so fast, itís hard to believe itís twenty years since our graduation.  My first four years were spent traveling throughout Louisiana and raising a daughter.  I then settled down once again in Lake Charles trying to make a living for myself and Darlene.  I worked for awhile till the layoff in the oil industry with Schlumberger.  I then did part-time work here and there.  In 1984, my mother was diagnosed with colon cancer, and I stayed home to care for her.

I met a wonderful and loveable person, Robert Roger, whom I married in March of 1987.  My mother passed away in December, 87, and we lost a son, Andrew, in January of 88.  As of this date, we are expecting another child and are due to have him at any time.  My daughter Darlene is due to graduate this year from LaGrange.  I will not be able to attend the reunion, but wish everyone well.  Hope to see yíall next reunion.

4013 Swanee Street
Lake Charles, LA   70605

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