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Kathie Derby Kathleen Ruth Kathie Derby
Dennis Bryte)

I married John Lotspeich class of 1969 LaGrange - we had one child - John Eric Lotspeich 8/8/72 - my only child.

I am currently employed as a poker dealer at the "World's Largest Casino" - Foxwoods - In Mashantucket, CT. I have been married for 14 years now to Dennis Bryte. Someone I meet in passing when I was married to John Lotspeich. My how God works in your life. I moved back to Connecticut in 1990 and who do I meet - almost immediately - but Dennis. I married a younger man - WooHoo. We have no children together. My son recently got married - two years ago - to a beautiful "Yankee" girl. But no grandchildren yet. We are getting ready to make a leap of faith move to Houston, TX. (No job promises). My brother has an autistic child and I take care of Momma. And we both need help from each other. So, we need to be closer to each other and I - the obvious one - will move to his home town or as close as I can get. 

If all goes as planned, after a couple of years, I will be able to retire and take care of Momma on a full time basis and be able to help my brother out with his child.

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  Kathy said her new email will be until she gets settled in Texas (summer 2006).