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Kay Williams Beatrice Kay Williams
(Roger Smith)

Went to MSU.  Graduated in 1978.  Enjoy dancing, jazz & ballet, and aerobics.  Went to Colorado to ski.  married in December, 1985.  Have a little boy, Stefan Cruise, December 29, 1988, one year old.  Plan to have more children.

Route 7 Box 976
Smith Road
Lake Charles, LA 70611


BIO Last updated from 20th Reunion

Webmaster Comments:
 This is information received from one of Kay's sisters.

Hey Lottie,

This is Kim Williams. Donna forwarded an email in reference to your class reunion. Thank you so much for including Kay’s memory in your celebration.

Kay passed away on March 4, 1998 after a 2 ½ year battle with breast cancer. She was married to Roger Smith and they lived in Moss Bluff. At the time of her death she had a 9 year old son. He is now 17 and will be a senior at Moss Bluff in the fall.

Kay graduated from McNeese and worked for the state as a social worker.

Kay loved horses and owned a horse that she rode and cared for almost every day until she could no longer care for him because of her illness. She also started back up with dancing as a way of recreation and exercise.

Having a son that loved sports, she and Roger spent many hours at the baseball and soccer fields and at many basketball games watching their son Stefan play. She was a devoted mother whose world revolved around their son. Kay would be so proud of him and his accomplishments.