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Keith Romero
Keith & Wendy
Robert Keith Romero
(Wendy Fredrick)


Since the ten year reunion in 1980, the biggest event in my life has been my marriage to Wendy Frederick.  This took place on May 12, 1984, when I was the ripe old age of thirty-two.  At that time, I thought that I was free forever; now we have had six years of “wedded bliss”.  No children yet.

We’ve lived in Lafayette, LA for the last eight years and have come to call it home.  Wendy and I have had a great opportunity to touch our Cajun roots; she speaks fluent French and has turned out to be a fine translator.  It has been fun.

I have worked the past twelve years in the south Louisiana oilfield, and have spent nearly all of that time working for Reed Tool Co. as a Senior Technical Consultant.  Reed Tool Co. sells oilfield drill bits.  It has been quite a challenge with never a dull moment.  I’ve seen the boom and the bust and managed to live through both.  Wendy works as a Registered X-Ray Tech at Doctors’ Hospital in Opelousas, LA.

In my spare time, I still do a lot of drawing and watercolor painting.  Lately, I’ve turned my creative energies to writing short stories and plan to pursue that further with training at USL.  Quite a change from the technical demands of the oil patch.

All in all, It has been an enlightening ten years as I approach the dreaded “middle age”.  However, I am looking forward to the next ten.  If any of my friends are in the Lafayette area, be sure and look us up.

415 Steeplechase Street
Lafayette, LA   70506

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