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Sari Keitha Prothro
(Mik Kushner)


Moved from LC to Houston in 1980 just after the ten year reunion.  Worked til 1984 in wine & specialty food retail business.  Attended International Travel Institute and began working as a full-time travel agent in the fall of 1984.  Luckily, we have been able to take advantage of a number of "perks" associated with the travel business.  Hopefully I will be able to attend U of H part-time soon.  After completing my degree - who knows what direction we will take.

PO Box 980982
Houston, TX 77098

Last updated from 20th Reunion

Keitha- Sorry about the wrong pix being superimposed on your grad shot...that was Deborah Hebert (wife of Harley Hebert)...boy did I miss the boat on that one!  Your new home sounds great and I am sure you are enjoying the temperate weather.  Please do keep in touch.  Maybe we will get to visit some day.  
I came across the LaGrange 70 website while looking for something else.  What fun to see old faces (not meaning the current photos) again!  There is a photo inserted on my yearbook picture, do you know who it is?  It isn't me, so I've attached a more recent one that is me.  A little update - Mik (Kushner - class of '68) will celebrate our 38th anniversary this June.  We retired to the Republic of Panama just over 2 years ago and love it here! 
It's great to be in touch.  I'll keep an eye on the website for updates on old friends.
Stay in touch,

USA telephone 713-528-5051

Mik Kushner, Cell phone 6673-9130
Keitha Kushner, Cell phone 6673-9129