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Lottie Rae Rice Courvelle


The past few years have been a whirlwind with recovery from Rita, 3-1/2 month strike at PPG, built a new home, remarried to a wonderful man, and lost my mother to pancreatic cancer all in a matter of months.  Finally things are settling down and life is wonderful.  Donnie and I are enjoying our new home, enjoying our grand children, and traveling every opportunity we can.   I will be celebrating 35 years with PPG in November and Donnie recently celebrated 30 years with PPG.   

Our plans are to retire together in 3-1/2 years.  Canít wait!!!  I left Human Resources and accepted an administrative assistant position working for the Operations Manager and love the new position.  Iím still involved in various community organizations like the American Cancer Society and PPG Friends.  I will never get tired of keeping in touch with our 1970 graduates.

2211 Alexa Lane
Sulphur, LA  70663

(work) 337-708-4569
(cell) 337-274-7310

Updated from 20th Reunion 1990

Itís hard to believe that 20 years have actually passed, and Iím still married to my high school sweetheart, Burt Bollotte.  Burt and I are the parents of two beautiful daughters, Lindsay Ė 13 and Haley Ė 7.

Iím still employed at PPG Industries in the Human Resources Department.  I was awarded the Corporate Citizen of the Year in 1986 out of 30,000 employees nation wide.  That was quite an honor.  Burt and I were flown to Pittsburgh for the royal carpet treatment.

Iíve been actively involved in the community for the past several years as a member of the Junior League of Lake Charles, corporate Neighbor Council (Volunteer Center), and various other community projects.  I still enjoy socializing and spending time with my very dear friends, which remarkably are the same very dear friends from ten years ago.  Life hasnít changed much for me other than a few extra pounds and a few wrinkles.  Actively participating in the planning of this reunion has been great.  I canít wait to work on the 25th.
1309 Oklahoma Street,  Lake Charles, LA 70607