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Marilyn Parker Marilyn Elizabeth Parker
Picture from 30th reunion
Marilyn Elizabeth Parker
(Oneil Hebert)
Since last we met, my kids have grown into a teenager and a pre-teenager.  Loads of fun.  There is never a dull moment, and they feel like parents don't know a thing and never were kids themselves.  I can finally sympathize with what my parents must have gone through with me.

I have changed jobs since 1980.  I took a couple years off from work and stayed home, but found that just wasn't for me or my checkbook.  I am now working at Charter Hospital in the Medical Records Department and loving it.  I'm still married to the same man (17 years) which is an accomplishment in itself.  Next year we will have a child in high school.  The closer she gets, the more memories are stirred up.  All the football and basketball games we all went to.  The pep rallies in the gym.  The study halls where Mr. Bourque made anyone who talked stand by the windows the entire hour.  Such good friends and wonderful memories.  I miss those days!!  Can't believe it has been 20 years.

2200 Tulip Street
Lake Charles, LA 70605

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