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Michael Lyn "Mike" Bourgeois:
Life story (short version)
Attended McNeese 1970-1974, graduating in Spring 1974.  Married, graduated college, moved to Houston and started work at Brown and Root Engineers all in the
same week.

Lived in Houston until Feb. 1976. Moved back to Lake Charles and worked as a consultant at PPG, Olin, Firestone and Hercules through various engineering
firms until 1986. 

Moved to Baton Rouge in 1986 where I worked as a consulting engineer until 1998 when I accepted a direct hire position with Condea Vista here in Lake
Charles as a principle engineer (advanced process controls). I am still there.

Along the way I married Kathy Richard (class of 1971) in 1974 and divorced in 1992. Had 3 wonderful kids 1977(Ellen), 1979(Stephanie) and 1981(Sam). Married
second wife in 1994 then divorced her in 1996... like a fool remarried her in 1996 and divorced again in 2000.

14530 Fair Knoll Way
Houston, TX 77062



07-30-09     Name and ages of children / grandchildren: Ellen  /born 1977 / single / lives in Lake Charles and works for Postal Service Stephanie / born 1979 / lives in Baton Rouge with grandson and works in doctors office.  Sam / born 1981 / happily divorced /  lives in Alaska and works as school teacher.

Employed with Bayer in Baytown, TX  (Safety Systems engineer) Married Kathleen Richard (class of 71) in 1974 and had 3 children. Divorced 1992.  Married to crazy woman from 1994 – 2000.  Married to second crazy woman from 2003 – Jan 2009.  Now pleasantly involved (engaged) to Brenda Freund (class 1970).  Enjoy traveling, computers, genealogy, SCUBA and motorcycling.  The thing I remember most about LaGrange is feeling like I did not fit in… just like the rest of you. 
I am engaged to Brenda Freund (no date set).

Ellen Bourgeois (by Kathy Richard); Samuel Bourgeois (by Kathy Richard); Stephanie Bourgeois (by Kathy Richard)...Employed at Bayer in Baytown, TX.  Married Brenda Freund Oct. 24, 2009