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Nettie Rimes Nettie & Gene Dark
Picture from 30th reunion
Nettie Elizabeth Rimes
(Gene Dark)

Married to Gene.  Three children Brian, age 16, Beau, age 7, and Jennifer, age 6.  Own our own business.  Aerobic instructor for 7 years, volunteer work in LC community.

1518 N Covey Lane
Lake Charles, LA   70605

Last updated from 20th Reunion


Webmaster's comment: I know who you are now...I recognized you but didn't recall your name or anything about you at the 36th reunion (OB's) and that is why I asked who you were.  That was the shame of only being in the class ONLY my senior year.  By the time the shock of being in a class of 600 instead of 60, I had graduated and gone off to war...well, maybe just life.  I learned to do my homework before a class reunion in any case...thanks for the wake-up call.