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LaGrange school outfit... Peggy Gail Gormly Howell
(Kenneth Howell)

I've made a lot of changes in my life since the last update.  I moved back to Lake Charles in October, 1981, went through a divorce, started a new career as a Banker at FNB.  I remarried in October, 1984, built a home in Gillis and currently separated .  Gormly is my maiden name, Dill is my stepfather's name so I went by both names.   Now along with the dogs, cats, and horses, I have a son John, age 37, a daughter Trisha, age 33, and Kristy age 24.  My Grandchildren are Jonathan 15, Christopher 9, Natalie 2, Ethan 7, Emily 5.

2338 Topsy Rd.
Gillis, LA 70611

My home in Gillis
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10-26-09              Joined the Navy during my senior year with three other classmates.  Moved around a bit and married to a sailor for 11 years.  Divorced and moved back home where I met and married Kenneth.  Sadly we separated after 25yrs of marriage in 2009.  We live in the country and raise a variety of animals.  Was employed at Northrop Grumman for 8 years until medical problems forced me to quit.  Before that I worked in banks and became a Notary.  My job now is being a grandmother.  LaGrange was my safe haven from (little known by others) a unhappy and abusive home life.  I was not allowed to join anything, attend functions or have classmates come over, but I enjoyed watching others do things especially the Gatorettes.  However, I did learn to march - in the Navy. LOL  COE was a wonderful program.  I got to work at the Port of Lake Charles and had a fellow classmate's mom for a boss (Dana Goodloe).  That COE teacher and that mom helped me, through some tough times and I will always be grateful to them.

My first duty station after boot camp was in Washington DC. 1970-1972. Married a sailor in 1971.  I graduated computer ops school in San Diego 1972, graduated college in Tennessee with a business admin degree 1976, Advance cake decorating school 1977,  I flew home from Newfoundland for the 10 year reunion in 1980. In 1981, I separated , became a single mom, moved back home, started doing genealogy and started a 10 year career working in Banking. Divorced by 1982. Joined Square dance clubs in 1983 where I found my husband and re-married in 1984.  We designed and built our home in 1985 (literally).   Studied oil painting 1985-1987. Received Notary commission in 1990, started Country Dance classes 1990, then  graduated Aircraft mechanics school at Sowella in 1993.  In 1998-1999 operated and owned a saddle supply shop.  Learned flower arranging 2008. Now learning the art of making jewelry. . We currently raise  paint horses and German shepherds while slowly recovering from 2005's Hurricane Rita's  damage.

My horse Jody (20 years old)
My horse Jody (20 years old)

Left to right-Claudette Landry, Judy Simon, Kathy Hall, Peggy Gormly, & Brenda Landry
We swear...4 are LaGrange plus 1 from LC Hi in the middle
The girl from LC Hi fell when running to catch school bus-notice bandages on both knees. That day we were being officially sworn in to the Navy in New Orleans.
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I learned to march in time...
 I am on a boot camp trip to Wash DC. I was 2nd in command of my squad of of 58 girls in Cheltenham, Maryland. Boot camp was scary at the time. Allot of marching for sure. But I would do it all over again.


So, you think you can dance?
1984, I loved to square dance


Sea the world adventure...
1972 went to boot camp right after graduation

Trisha, John, me, Ken and our baby girl Kristy
Our earlier days...about 1988



Our wonderful family...

Back row: Eddie Curol, Ken Howell (husband), John Mercy (son), Jonathan Mercy (grandson)

Middle row is Trisha Curol (daughter), Peggy (me),
Kat Mercy holding Natalie Mercy (granddaughter), Kristy Howell (daughter)

Bottom row is Emily Curol (granddaughter), Ethan Curol (grandson), and
Christopher Mercy (grandson)

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