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Randy Skelton
Randy Skelton Roland Randall "Randy" Skelton
Cell # 832-372-4698

Balanced out family with 10 ˝ lb. boy in 82 – Rhett.  Got my MBA from USL in 81.  Transferred from Lafayette to Houston in 86, with Tenneco Oil.  Got laid off in 6/89 from Tenneco when they sold out.  Also got divorced in 6/89.  Became a V.P.-Burke Energy this year.  Traveled to Europe, Grand Caymans, and throughout US.  Learned to scuba dive.  Currently enjoying being “single”.

5606 Sycamore Creek
Kingwood, TX   77345

Last updated from 20th Reunion

Update 05-24-06:   
I am sorry I missed Johnny's party--I heard it was fun----I had promised my two little boys (Luke=1yr old and Preston=4 yr old) I would take them to the Houston Rodeo. I also have a 26yr.old daughter = Jacque and a 23 yr. old son= Rhett--both UT Austin grads and on their on.