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Raymond Andrews

I met my spouse in Beaumont Texas in a club at a Fever Tree Jig.  I have three children with Brandon 24, a graduate of McNeese in Criminal Justice and works for Jennings police dept.  Jerremy 21, is a student at LSUE.   Kim 20 is a Junior in nursing at McNeese.  I have pets with my dogs filling in as man's best friend.

I am a federal grain inspector working out of Crowley, Louisiana. The job is great, I mostly work the rice mills.
Having spent 26 years doing this, 14 years in Beaumont Texas at a grain elevator there. We live in the country now, just a good oh boy with the hippie days long gone and forgotten... loving country music. In my spare time I love reading, spending time in the garden and travel.  I ride around in a truck and keep up with current events on my radio.

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