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Robi Robinson Karen Robin "Robi" Robertson
(Gregg Nelson)


Gregg and I now live in Orlando (can't believe it's been 33 years since we got married...there are hardened criminals who don't do that kind of time!!!).  Our two beautiful daughters are grown now.  Stefani (28) is Assistant Manager of Carraba's, married three years now, and the mother of the world's most glorious 2-year old little man named Gabriel.  I'm trying so hard NOT to be the grandmother from hell, but suspect I'm failing miserably!!!  My youngest daughter, Jamie (24) is unmarried, and in no rush to end the status.  Which is fine by me!!! (Heck, I think we're still paying off some of Stef's wedding bills!). 

I am the Contract Coordinator for the Orlando and Jacksonville operations of Skanska USA, an international corporation based in Sweden.  We are one of the world's largest construction and engineering corporations and every contract for every subcontractor on every project in Orlando or Jacksonville goes through me.  Needless to say, there are times when sleep is a fond memory, but I love my job and the challenges that go with it. 

I'm still in touch with Butch, Vaundina Ward, Ann Bradley and Debbie Laukman.  I haven't seen Kay (Watson) Dering since our 10th but I've spoken with her a few times.  But I've lost touch with her now.  I chatted with a few folks on the Classmates message board and exchanged some emails with them, but not too many.  Since we live in the one place in the universe that EVERYONE gets to at least once in their life, I'd love to hear from people coming this way.  Especially since most of us are hitting the grandparent zone....we HAVE to take our grandkids to see that freaking Mouse (I personally prefer Sea World myself!).  Feel free to post my email.  I'd love to keep in touch with such a happy time in my history!!!! 


Since last reunion, I switched to a career in politics.  Iíve been a political consultant for the past 5 years and also serve as an aide to a state senator.  Gregg and I have been married 16 years and have 2 beautiful daughters; Stefani is 11 and Jamie is 7.

2609 Sutterís Mill Terrace
Midlothian, VA   23112