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Sammie Sonnier Sammie Janet Sonnier
(Roger LaFosse)

After Graduation from high school, I attended McNeese for 3 ˝ years.  In 1974, I left college to marry Michael Steele.  In 1981, Mike dies a tragic death.  (I would like to thank the class of 1970 for being there for me at that time).

In 1982, I married Roger LaFosse from Iota, LA.  We have four children:  Justin, 16, from Roger’s first marriage, Michelle, 12 ˝ , and Rebecca, 9 ˝ , from my first marriage, and Noel, 6 ˝ from my current marriage.   So you could say we have “yours, mine, and ours”.

Right now, my job is cooking, wife, mother, and taxi driver; but since all my children are in school, I am kicking around the idea of going back to college to finish my education.

311 Suffolk Avenue
Lafayette, LA   70508


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