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Sandy Shellack
Sandy Schellack
(Charles Lobdell)

I married Charles Lobdell in 1972 and we both graduated in 1975 from McNeese with degrees in nursing. We moved around then for a few years - Pennsylvania for 2 years where Charles finished nurse anesthesia school, Lafayette for two years then back to Lake Charles.

We moved to Oregon in 1990 and currently live outside a small town named Silverton. We have a beautiful piece of land and are certified organic - growing ginseng, goldenseal and black cohosh. I went back to school in the 1990s to became a family nurse practitioner and I am currently working in a family practice clinic.  In Oregon, nurse practitioners have a lot of autonomy and so I  have my own patients and I love my job! It is very rewarding.

We have two children - Michael age 28 and Erin age 26. Michael is currently traveling around the world. He is definitely a free spirit! Erin is married and is a teacher in Portland. No grandkids yet, but I am hoping!

Silverton, Oregon 


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