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Val Sigler

Vallorie Kay "Val" Sigler

The last 20 years have been pretty uneventful with a few minor exceptions.  I graduated from McNeese in 1975 with a BA in Liberal Studies – majoring mostly in the Keg and Lighthouse at that time.  Until the fall of 1989, I worked for the Department of Health & Human Resources.  Well, now I’m teaching at a middle school and going back to McNeese working toward certification in Special Education.

In 1976, I married a local taxidermist and in 1980, we had a son – Josh.  We celebrated our 14th anniversary this January by separating.  So, as of this date, I am recently separated, soon to be single, and “mildly curious” bout what the next 20 years will bring.

1702 Walker Drive
Westlake, LA   70669

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