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Vaundina Kay Ward
(David H. Green)





In 1984, the family bought a home on Toledo Bend Lake and moved to a slower pace with lots of fishing, skiing, adn diving.  We are both certified.

I began teaching 5th grade in Sabine Parish.  Since then, I've advanced to 7th grade math and reading, and this year taught elementary P.E.

In April 1990, David received a permanent position at Chevron Cedar Bayou in Baytown so we moved from the lake.  We're loving our 1 1/2 story home on two acres of Cedar Bayou, but are trying to get accustomed to all the neighbors.  I'm now on sabbatical but have applied for a position at Goose Creek Independent School District.

My daughter Karie (age 13) and son Jason (age 10) have already made the transition from slow country to fast city life.  God bless each of you and hope to see you at the reunion.

(281) 576-2232

9615 Crestwood Dr.
Baytown, TX 77520

BIO/Address Last updated 08-04-09

Updated 08-04-09  Our children are now older: Karie L. Green 32, Jason H. Green 30.  David and I celebrated 35 years together last October at Ruggles Restaurant in the Galleria with family and friends. Itís hard to believe that one can stay with the same person for so long but God has been able to keep us together. David and I travel quite a bit by cruising (I zip-lined in Honduras), camping in the mountains in the summer, snow skiing in the winter and just getting in the car and taking off.  We have property in Crystal Beach, TX and was so glad we had not built on it since Hurricane IKE leveled all the houses around us. David will work another couple years and then we will probably move farther north to get away from the humidity.

Jason (AF Predator pilot) came in from Las Vegas to celebrate his 30th birthday in July. Twenty eight people showed up and ate, ate, ate the shrimp, crabs, and egg rolls. Karie (32) lost her job because of reduction in force from a Houston law firm after 11 years and is still looking for employment. She runs in the Houston marathons and cycles so it gives her time to enjoy her activities. Both are still single but are always looking for the right mate.

I stay busy at the church in the childrenís department and choir. I do the buying for the Pregnancy Resource Center in Baytown and sometimes have time to do some machine embroidery. I sub a little in Mont Belvieu, but Not enough to get stressed out. Since I retired in 2003 after 30 years of teaching, I donít do stress. Itís just got to be fun, fun, fun. I really do enjoy the communications through email with my LG buddies. Now I have time to explore relationships that were started 40 years ago. I recently joined Facebook so sometimes I communicate with my friends there. I do hope that our 40th reunion will be a success and many will come and enjoy visiting.  Smiles!!! Until we meet again.