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Wanda Nelson
Ronald J. Borel)
I have been blessed with interesting, personally satisfying work, and a wonderful family. Four very busy grandchildren, one now at LSU.  These joys have helped balance out the fire and rain Iíve seen and left memories filled with more smiles than tears.  Lost second husband in 2006 following many long years of illness.  Have primarily done legal work all my adult life, in real estate, oil and gas industry and 18 year at unique private practice.  As an extension of that, I am currently administrator for private foundations.  Many side interests and "unofficial" jobs along the way-- some out of necessity, some for fun, and others because it really does feel better to give than to receive.  Everything in my life is in evolution, (which is sometimes pretty darned scary), but I have had to trust that it is all worked out ahead of me as I travel unfamiliar roads and indeed, the universe is unfolding exactly like it should.

 Daughter:  Cherií Ardoin- / Bethany- age 20, Kyleigh- age 15
Stepdaughter:  Dayna Paige Borel- / Whittany-age 20, Copeland- age 13

P O Box 6084
Lake Charles, LA 70606

794-8674 cell