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Cooler's Ice House
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4424 Ryan St
Lake Charles LA 70605-4516

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Thanks to Aaron for hosting for us...

Thanks to our DJ for playing our songs we danced to...

from LaGrange Class of 1970

Cheers the ones that came together for the mingling, the dancing and drinks at Coolers.

We passed a fine time with some very special people in our lives.  Johnny said to announce that he would never miss another one of the class reunions.  He wanted me to say that he loves you all and wanted to be here with you.
I could not have been with a better group of people, and look forward to the next time we gather.

Debra Duplechain, ThompsonDavid Thompson, Diane Godwin Lockwood

Debra Duplechain Thompson, Connie Judd, David Thompson

Mark Hawes, Beth Faulk Stack, Dallas Ballmer

Vicki Billups England, Debbie Andrepont Vickery, Bill Castille

Jan Hodges, Debbie Gilman Watson, Lottie Rice Courvelle

Vaundina Ward Green, David Thompson

Jana and Gordon McCool

David Thompson, Vaundina Ward Green, Wendell Stephens

Brenda Freund, Buzzy Leithead, Jude Lasserre, Lottie Rice Courvelle

David Thompson, Lottie Rice Courvelle

Lottie and Jan

Jan, Debroah, AJ Abshire, Lottie

Bill and Lynell Gipson, Chris Spano

Pam and Clent Landreneau (front) Gary and Angie Fontenot (Back)

Mark Hawes, Don Soileau, David Thompson

Mary Kimball Stokes, Dennis Donald

Barbara Ezel Abshire, Debbie with AJ backing them up

Lottie and Donnie Courvelle w/ Dallas in the back

Jude and Brenda with Mark bk-L and Bill bk-R

Diane and Dallas w/ Jana in the back

Debra and Connie

Debra, Dallas and Connie

Brenda Freund, Kay Stephens and Calvin Ferrell

We danced the night away...

...and danced some more...

...and danced even more...

...WOW...break us a move

Buzzy and Dallas talk while the others danced...

...a dance just for the girls???

Jude shows them how it is done...

Calvin Ferrell and wife Nancy Jo

AJ and Brenda dance to an old tune...

Is that a line dance?

Fun is part of the process...

Mark hugs a long-time Fruend

Debra is having too much fun...

I would have to admit, it is fun...

Jude and Brenda pass a great time...

Debra's smile is infectious...that is happiness.

Hey!...they were playing our song.

Dawn is trying to hitch a ride with David...

Off to KDs for breakfast...

have we ever done this before?

.....3 am in bed.....

see you all next time.